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hello, I'm Em, I'm 20 years old, I draw, my second language is english so I will misspel some things.
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g2g fast
zombietonbo zombietonbo Said:

got to go fast where???
and why?????
why not slow??????

Asker bootycap Asks:
>:[ your art is too cute
zombietonbo zombietonbo Said:

gosh thank you ;w;

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gross, dumb people in hoodies  (◡‿◡✿)


hi guys! 

So recently I’ve been offered to go to uni for a whole week where I’ll get to look around, try out some courses, sleep in the halls of residence and basically live like a uni student yeha. But the thing is… It costs a lot to go and at the moment I don’t have the money to pay and I’d appreciate it a lot and probably love you forever if you could spare some money. ;v; If not, then sharing this post is also greatly appreciated!

These commissions will be paid through paypal only

i will do:

  • ocs
  • ships (any)
  • other fandom things

however i won’t do:

  • nsfw
  • mechanical stuff / robots
  • (ask)

email me at:

to order (feel free to send refs) and i’ll email back for confirmation and payment details.  

and don’t hesitate to ask questions, thank you!

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